A Recap

A lot has happened in the last three weeks. I got engaged, Christmas has come and gone and we signed a lease for a new apartment in Louisville. How did Jordan propose, everyone has been asking. Here’s the quick and dirty:

Set the scene: Walking in front door.

Jordan: Hey, How was your day?

Whitney: Pretty good.

Jordan: Who are these presents for under the tree?

Whitney: We’ve already gone over that.

Jordan: No, come here. Look at this one. Who is this one for?

Whitney: Uh, I do not know.

Jordan: You should open it

Whitney opens small ring box.

Whitney: Ah!

Jordan: Do you like it?

Whitney: Yes.

Jordan: So, uh, you want to marry me?

The end.

Whitney: Yes.

So, in a nutshell the proposal was a frill-free event. Which is pretty much like us.

We (this includes myself, my mom and dad, and does not include Jordan, who prefers to avoid any girly-like activity) picked out the venue. The wedding is going to be at the Peterson Dumesnil House in the Highlands on September 15. In terms of wedding planning, Jordan often reprehends for wasting away about four hours each night surfing wedding blogs and Pintrest. But, hey, I’m a girl. I can’t help it. Below, I’ve posted some photos from over the last few weeks — some of the pups; some of food; and some of just Christmastime fun.

Apple pie that I contributed to




Sam with his knitted scarf

Mom and Sam


Sam's annual Christmas bow


Sally and Jordan

Jordan have a blast

Sally girl

Our Peanuts nativity scene

My grandmother's nativity scene


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