Four Feet And A Nose

We’re getting a dog, hopefully! A Goldendoodle, to be precise. Let’s call her Jane Dog, since we don’t know her current name or if we are going to change it. She currently belongs to my mom’s friend, who is a service dog trainer. We would get the one-year-old Jane Dog for free, and more than likely keep her during her pregnancy — a requirement of the deal if she checks out healthy at her physical this week. Ten days before her due date, dog trainer lady takes Jane Dog and keeps her during nursing of puppies, which, depending on who gets the pups, may grow up to by future service dogs. We would then get Jane Dog back. Here’s a list of all the things I have planned for Jane Dog.
1. Rename her Olive.
2. Walk her four times a day to and fro Cherokee Park.
3. Act as the third photo subject in our Spring engagement photo session to be taken in the Spring.
4. Pet her.
5. Love her.
6. Act as the canine flower girl in our wedding.

Below, are a few of my fav dog picks I’ve recently taken:


Pup at Ault Park


Halloween Dog Parade, Chicago, 2010


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